Private Placement Program – Trade Platform

Am working with and have secured and investor who has shown proof of funds of $90 Million and am seeking an partner for this investor as the Trade Platform requires $100 Million entrance and need $10 Million to complete the total amount needed to enter the trade.

A description of the trade platform is referenced below.

If you have an interest in learning more information or have questions, please feel free to contact me so we may discuss further.

Additionally, a second conference call will be set up directly with the registered consultant and trade platform manager to learn more information and go over any questions.


Molly Geiger
Executive Decision

Investment Platform

Required Investment: Proof of Funds of $100 M. ONLY 10% or $10 Million is used as the investment.

NOTE: An investor has already secured $90 Million proof of funds. Needs Partner to secure other proof of funds for $10 Million

Initial Projected Return: $12B to $15B

Initial Projected Return: 45 Days

Extended Projected Return: $95B to $100B

Extended Projected Return: Six Months

Private Placement Program offered to client’s with a minimum $100M for entry. 10% or 10 Million is utilized as the investment and the other 90% will remain in the investor’s account. The Program Manager has conducted business with 5 of the Top Western European banks over a fifteen year span. They offer a combined transaction entry that is a Private Placement with an option to take profits from the Private Placement Program in the first few weeks and contract with the operative bank to buy and sell the freshly issued paper to pre-arranged Exit Buyers.

The attractiveness to this arrangement is the client having two (2) simultaneous investments with the same bank that is earning the client serious profits with NO core funds being at risk. The Private Placement Program is conducted over 40 or more weeks paying weekly and the Buy/Sell is a minimum of 15 banking days with an option to maximize the buying/selling of paper up to $500B contract paying the client net $95B.

Under the PPP the client’s minimum entry of $100M can stay in his existing bank account provided it is a Top Western bank and this would include HSBC Hong Kong.

There is a requirement to have a minimum account balance with the bank conducting the trade of $10M. So the client would take $10M from its balance of $100M at its existing custodial bank and open a sole depository “link” account with the trade bank. This is not a sub account nor is anyone else authorized on the account but what it does is create a “Link-Account” demand deposit in the trade bank linking the client’s funds at his custodial bank and eliminates the need for an MT760. The trade bank establishes its own line of credit for $100M based on the $90M and $10M then enters the client into trade. Returns to the client are normally in excess of 100% per week.


5 Responses to “Private Placement Program – Trade Platform”

  1. Carole Phelps Says:

    Hello, Ms. Geiger, We are direct to a large Platform offering an entry below the $100M with a great return and qualified, experienced Traders. You are welcome to a no-obligation phone CC with the Platform Representative, as you like, for further information.

    Carole Phelps
    Managing Partner
    Phelps Financial Services Corp.

  2. Carole Phelps Says:

    Ms. Geiger, My apologies, I didn’t see the lower message.
    Carole Phelps

  3. John Cross Says:

    I have a client that has extensive land holdings in the Bahamas, have owned alot of the properties since the 1800’s. We have talked to other trade platforms that have opportunities to engage in a trade, but we have never seen any real evedence or documentation. My client has agreed to enter into a 50/50 participation with them if I can deliver a creditable platform trader. My client has approx. 200,000,000 in real estate holdings, the other platform represented to me that they also could expedite a line of credit against the assets to qualify them to enter into the trade platform. Also once they started receiving returns from the platform they would be able to replace the property with 100,000,000 in cash and keep it on deposit with trade bank instead of using the line against their assets. At that time their assets would be released.

  4. Says:

    My dear
    Could you please let me know about the ppp (( procesdres ))
    what’s the brokers protections,
    what’s the weekly profit for the client?
    starting amount 10 M USD
    starting amount 100M USD
    Please i am waiting your answer
    Hassan Haidar
    00974 5022567

  5. Chris Says:

    Guys, are there opportunities to get into a platform with $100K -$500K? If so please contact me.

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